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Consultation & Evaluation ? Step 2

Once you have booked your appointment with us , You will have an opportunity to visit our Facility to meet your Surgeon and team members to move towards your BIG GOAL..

What You Can Expect
  • After being received , and after the initial weight check, you'll meet with one of our Bariatric Counselors. You'll learn all about the lifestyle changes following your surgery. You'll also be given information about our support system, including pre-op and post-op programs to promote lifelong success in your weight management.
  • Our Qualified dietician will discuss and document your dietary and exercise history. . She'll also introduce you to techniques that you can put into practice right away in preparation for your surgery
  • Post the discussion with the Counselor and the Dietician, you will meet your Bariatric Surgeon to discuss best suited Bariatric Procedure for you. All your queries regarding hospital facilities , Post operative care, expected weight loss and your journey to bariatric Surgery will be addressed at this point.
  • You may be required to meet Bariatric Physician / Endocrinologist / Psychologist to take care of co-existing problems like Hypertension, Diabetes , Depression , Sleep apnea and low self-esteem.
  • Your Pre-operative Evaluation Preoperative testing and evaluation is essential for obtaining the best surgical weight loss results. We'll conduct and evaluate a series of routine medical tests prior to your surgery.
    Anesthetics / Anesthesia specialist may be asked to provide "medical clearance" prior to your surgery.
  • Book your date for the Surgery.

Are you a Candidate? Preparation for Surgery