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Preparation for Surgery Step 3

Two Weeks prior to Surgery

You'll be asked to start taking semi solid and liquid diet and Optifast to decrease the size of Liver. This is an important step started for super Obese patients with BMI of more than 40 to make surgical procedure easy for the Bariatric Surgeon.

One Weeks prior to Surgery

Do not take aspirin, or any anti coagulants as advised by Anesthetics. All of these drugs tend to cause increased bleeding during surgery. If you are taking any of these drugs, please notify your attending surgeon.

One Day prior to Surgery

The admitting office will contact you with the scheduled time you should arrive at the hospital. Usually this will be 4-5 hours prior to surgery.
Drink only liquids (no solid food).
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery.
Take a bath or shower using antibacterial soap the night before surgery or the morning of your operation.

Admission to the Hospital

You're likely to be admitted to the hospital on the same day as your operation. Your admission is contingent upon the pre-anesthetic testing performed 2-3 weeks before your date of surgery.

If you have major heart or lung problems, you may be admitted a day or two prior to the operation for more intensive pre-operative evaluation and preparation. You may be examined before the operation by medical specialists who may assist in your care following the procedure.

Most patients spend 1-2 hours in the recovery room before returning to their room on the surgical floor.

THE DAY has come and you're surgery is a success (was there any doubt?) and you're eager to recover.

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